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The State Theater has stood since 1926.  In 2023 we are beginning the multi-phased renovation of this historic commercial arts facility. We are seeking your help through donations and pledges to once again raise the curtain on the new 21st century State Theater.

"Raise the Curtain"

What the Future Holds

In the late 1980s the State Theater closed its doors to as an art-house and was purchased by a local hospital system. Over the last thirty years, it had been used for various hospital functions including office space, records storage, and even a credit union. These decades also saw many modifications to the original space, although most of the original architecture and bones of the theater remain.

As part of a multi-year, multi-phased renovation, the State Theater will undergo a massive revitalization to become a truly unique mixed use commercial arts facility. To make this happen, we need your help. Many have asked how they can be involved in this transformation and process and the easiest way is through a donation. We have created multiple avenues to donate, each with their own unique opportunity to leave your mark on this nearly 100 year old landmark.


Phases of the Project

Phase 1

Demolition, Abatement, HVAC and Mechanical Modifications, ADA accessibility & IMAX

The initial changes that will take place will include all structural and mechanical modifications to ensure the building will stand for the next 100 years. We will also be removing most of the modifications down over the last 30 years and preparing the space for a state of the art IMAX while

Phase 2

Performing Arts Space

On the first floor of the theater there once was nearly 800 seats with a grand stage and orchestra pit. In our discovery phases, we found that the original rake, stage, and orchestra pit are still intact. We will revitalize this space to be a 400 seat performing arts space for live performances and theater.

Phase 3

Speakeasy Cabaret Club

Three stories below the performing arts space was a former duck-pin bowling alley and pool hall. During the prohibition era, this was used as a speakeasy; one of the few places you could go to have a drink. We will use this space to create a cabaret style club with the look and feel of the 1920s, but modern amenities, food, and entertainment to accommodate our patrons.

Phase 4

Overnight Suites

On the third and fourth floors of the theater there once were two beautiful apartments. While operational as a theater the general manager and his family would live right at the theater. We will be using these spaces to create boutique overnight accommodations. While staying right at the theater, you will be able to have special opportunities for behind the scenes tours, food, and film events.

Ways to Give

One Time Donation

Thank you for considering a one time donation to our theater! Your support helps us to continue producing high-quality performances and promoting the arts in our community. Your donation will go directly towards funding our productions, paying our staff, and maintaining our facilities. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference and helps us to fulfill our mission of providing accessible and engaging entertainment to all.

Make a Monthly Pledge

Making a monthly pledge to support the restoration and renovation of the theater is essential to ensuring its continued success. Consistent and reliable funding allows the theater to plan ahead and make strategic decisions about necessary repairs and upgrades. Your pledge will provide a stable source of income that can be used to fund ongoing expenses associated with restoring and maintaining the theater's historic architecture and modernizing its facilities. This will enable the preservation of the theater's rich history and the continuation of its legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Passerby Tier

$1 / month

Thank you for supporting us! Even $1 a month can make a vital impact on continuing our efforts at the theater. As a token of our gratitude, we will throw your name up on the big screen before our upcoming events as an intro patron to get things started!

Supporting Actors Tier

$25 / month

  • All previous tier benefits

  • 10% discount on merchandise

  • Priority seating at performances (subject to availability)

  • Exclusive access to State Theater merchandise

Stagehand Tier

$5 / month

  • Thank you shoutout on social media

  • Access to tier exlusive updates and behind-the-scenes content

Leading Roles Tier

$50 / month

  • All previous tier benefits

  • 15% discount on merchandise

  • Quarterly tier-exclusive theater event (special movie voted on by leading role members and above)

  • Invitation to one dress rehearsal per season (subject to availability)

Ensemble Tier

$10 / month

  • All previous tier benefits

  • Early access to ticket sales

  • Access to exclusive tier-only Q&A sessions with the staff and IMAX team

Directors Tier

$75 / month

  • All previous tier benefits

  • 20% discount on merchandise

  • Invitation to opening night receptions

  • Quarterly private movie or gaming session in the theater

  • Quarterly private construction tours


Sponsor and Place Your Name on History

For each new seat, a name awaits. You can select the specific seat or groups of seats and place a commemorative placard on it. This is a fantastic way to leave your name on the State Theater renovation for decades to come. There is room for three lines of text and can include commemorations.


Seat Placards

Place your own name or the name of a loved one with a message on one of the many new seats in the IMAX or performing arts space.


Walk of Fame

Under the marquee will be a Johnstown walk of fame. A golden star with the donors name will appear in it for all to see as they come into the main lobby.

Naming Rights

Each of the many spaces including the IMAX and the performing arts theater will have naming rights attached them. Add your name or business as a sponsor.

All donations are tax deductible.

The Johnstown State Theater Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means that all donations made to it are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. This status is granted to organizations that are operated for charitable, educational, religious, scientific, or literary purposes, and have been approved by the IRS as meeting the requirements for tax-exempt status. As a result, individuals and corporations that make donations to the Johnstown State Theater Foundation can claim a deduction on their federal income tax returns, subject to certain limitations. This tax-exempt status is intended to encourage donations and support for the organization's mission of promoting the arts and preserving the historic Johnstown State Theater. Upon checkout you will receive a receipt and letter with all applicable information for tax purposes

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