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Major Renovations

The historic space is in need of major renovations to meet the need of a 21st century audience. The most important thing that we can do in the space is to activate the various areas within the building to provide modern, yet different experiences as our products and services offered to the public. This includes the various pieces below. that make up the entirety of the project.



Demolition, Abatement, HVAC and Mechanical Modifications, ADA accessibility & IMAX

The initial changes that will take place will include all structural and mechanical modifications to ensure the building will stand for the next 100 years. We will also be removing most of the modifications down over the last 30 years and preparing the space for a state of the art IMAX while


Performing Arts Space

On the first floor of the theater there once was nearly 800 seats with a grand stage and orchestra pit. In our discovery phases, we found that the original rake, stage, and orchestra pit are still intact. We will revitalize this space to be a 400 seat performing arts space for live performances and theater.

Screenshot 2023-04-30 214016.jpg


Speakeasy Cabaret Club

Three stories below the performing arts space was a former duck-pin bowling alley and pool hall. During the prohibition era, this was used as a speakeasy; one of the few places you could go to have a drink. We will use this space to create a cabaret style club with the look and feel of the 1920s, but modern amenities, food, and entertainment to accommodate our patrons.


Overnight Suites

On the third and fourth floors of the theater there once were two beautiful apartments. While operational as a theater the general manager and his family would live right at the theater. We will be using these spaces to create boutique overnight accommodations. While staying right at the theater, you will be able to have special opportunities for behind the scenes tours, food, and film events.

Screenshot 2023-04-30 213437.jpg
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